Sunday, February 5, 2012


On February 5th, 1982, I apparently went to see Taps, but I think I might have that date wrong, because the 5th was a Friday. It was probably actually Saturday the 6th, but I do know I went with a few neighborhood friends, and we saw it at the Metro on Union Street. I bet you anything we took the 22 Filmore there and back.

We probably went to see it because there were some cute boys in it, including Timothy Hutton, and Tom Cruise and Sean Penn, both in their first big roles. I can't imagine we went because we were really into movies about military schools. I can tell you I am currently not into movies about military schools, especially movies about military schools that are being forced to close, and are subsequently held under siege by angry students with an arsenal of weapons. Which is why I didn't make an effort to actually rewatch this one. (If it were available on Netflix instant, or Amazon, or even broadcast, I'd have given it a look. But I just can't see wasting a DVD rental on it...)

Now, I can't verify this in any way, but I have a feeling we might have been a little...rowdy in the theater that day. I remember thinking it was kind of boring, and if I was bored, I can guarantee my friends were bored, and if they were bored, they weren't going to be quiet about it. So, if you were in that theater that February afternoon, let me extend my late, but very sincere apologies...

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